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Fungal nail

A fungal nail is when fungal spores infect the nail. The nail may have superficial white powdery patches or be thickened, yellow and crumbly depending on the variety of fungal spore which has infected the nail plates and bed.


The causes of fungal nail are varied; occupational i.e. if your feet get wet or sweaty, going bare foot in damp public places e.g. swimming pools, a damaged nail or you may already have Athlete’s foot which has since spread into the nail.


Treatment can be long term depending on the condition of the nail. Regular use of a liquid or cream anti-fungal nail product will help. Clear nail regrowth will be visible at the base of the nail should treatment be successful, this will take a few weeks to appear so it is important to continue using the treatment until you are certain the nail is clear. Good foot hygiene is also important so that the fungal spores have no opportunity to thrive; this includes wearing clean socks every day. Changing your shoes daily will also reduce the risk of infection.