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Foot ulcers

A foot ulcer is another term for an open wound that has been present on the foot for two weeks or more. A foot ulcer can be a shallow red crater that involves only the surface of the skin or it can be very deep and extends through the full thickness of the skin, it can involve tendons and bone.

A HCPC Registered Podiatrist will be able to provide support and care. Please refer to them or contact South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s Podiatry department or your GP if you have any worries.


Dressing packs: sterile gauze, mefix tape, tubular bandage, Hapla Gold Semo Compressed Pure Wool Felt. Kerraped boots, LimBo products.CSS Foot Cream, Pedicure Wand Foot file, Simply Feet Heel Balm

Looking after your foot ulcer (Non-Diabetic)

Looking after your diabetic foot ulcer. Diabetes information and advice leaflet